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Rotary Shaft Seal Products

7500 Series – Rotary Shaft Seals



Our 7500 Series CinchSeal is designed for zero maintenance due to the unique self adjusting design. These seals are ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and similar bulk solid applications.

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7600 Series Seal



The maintenance free 7620 and 7650 solid aluminum CinchSeal’s are designed for larger shaft sizes ranging from 3.937” up to 6.00”. They are ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and other bulk handling equipment.

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7800 Series – Rotary Shaft Seals



The newly designed 7800 Series CinchSeal for screw conveyors and other bulk handling equipment is made out of 316 Stainless Steel to handle dry and slurry products in the food service, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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9700 Split SS Seal – Rotary Shaft Seal



The 9700 split seal is machined out of stainless steel and all internal parts meet USDA standards for indirect food contact. This split seal is recommended for all other industries such as food and cheese processing, spices and flavorings, pharmaceutical, and chemical that require stainless steel due to caustic wash downs and sanitary requirements.

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Air Regulator & Gauge Kit



Designed for all CinchSeal air purged seals with low pressure gauge reading. Compact size with full flow gauge ports and low torque, non-rising adjusting knob. This kit comes with all necessary fittings and can be can be disassembled without the use of tools or removal from the air line.

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Bakery Dough Flo Seal



Designed for bakery customers experiencing product leakage and sanitation issues due to dough/water leaking out the ends of the dual shafts on their dough pump augers.

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